Create Your Blog Dream and Youtube Success Academy Ultimate Bundle

Both of my signature courses in one! Get access to everything you need to start your very own profitable blog from scratch and create excellent video content!

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In this Ultimate Bundle, you will learn absolutely everything you need to be successful online. This package includes my signature course, Create Your Blog Dream, and my newest course, Youtube Success Academy.

CYBD includes 8 modules + over 60 lessons of video content that covers how to set up your website all the way through growing your blog and making it profitable! There are tutorials walking you through the tech side of setting up your website, with step by step instructions for even the least tech savvy person. I also give an inside look into my social media strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest + how I get more eyes on my blog posts using an email list!

Youtube Success Academy is 8 modules + 60 lessons of video content that covers how to shoot video, edit it from start to finish and the gear basics I recommend for making it simple and profitable! A beautiful 42 page workbook, with main points from the video lessons and plenty of space to jot down notes from all you're learning, is included. There are tutorials walking you through the tech side of creating online video! I have instruction on camera settings, video editing pro tricks and how to make a one person production look professional.

Both courses in the bundle include access to a students only Facebook group that you can go to with questions about the courses, network with other bloggers, and be encouraged by your classmates!

"Lisa has generously shared a wealth of knowledge on how to create a custom blog site and how to get the very most benefit from your work. Each video is loaded with valuable information that would have taken me months or even years to learn on my own through trial and error. I’m thrilled and blessed that Lisa is willing to share this awesome step-by-step guide, and I cannot wait to create my own site based on all that I’ve learned!"

- Emily Barlow from Handmade Farmhouse

"This video course is gold! Lisa does such an amazing job bringing her experience and success doing video right to our fingertips. I've been blogging for years, but still felt very overwhelmed with video. You'll find she creates a can do attitude with more than enough information to help anyone succeed no matter where they are at. With her transparency on income generated with video, you can truly see the potential and worthwhile investment to dive deeper with video. Worth. Every. Penny."

- Cami from Tidbits


In the year 2022, the opportunity for creating an income and reaching a targeted audience online is greater than ever. I am simply amazed every single day at the power of the internet to reach people all over the globe.

You just need to learn how to harness it.

Watch this video for info about "Youtube Success Academy" which is included in this Ultimate Bundle!

Watch this video for info about "Create Your Blog Dream" which is included in this Ultimate Bundle!


Module 1 | Creating a brand from scratch

This module is all about taking your idea from the concept stage to a brand. I teach you how to find your niche, identify your audience, come up with a name, find your branding words, develop a brand appearance, and more.

Module 2 | Setting up your Blog

If the tech side of setting up your blog is scaring you, this module is for you. It contains easy-to-follow, detailed tutorials about website hosting, choosing a platform, installing a theme, customizing your site, adding plugins, installing Google analytics, and more!

Module 3 | Elements of a Good Blog Post

Module 3 walks you through creating great blog posts, step-by-step. This module covers it all from coming up with great post ideas to pressing the publish button! I discuss keywords, post length, SEO, photography tips, and more!

Module 4 | Grow Your Blog with Social Media

I don't leave you hanging after you press publish! In module 4 I dive into how I promote all of my blog posts on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook: from group boards to pinable images to growing a community on each platform. This module's goal is to get more eyes on your great content!

Module 5 | The Importance of Email Marketing

If there's one thing I think every blogger should have, it's an email list! In this module I walk you through setting up your email list, with easy to follow tech tutorials, all the way through growing and utilizing your list.

Module 6 | Monetization

A critical part of creating your dream with your blog is making it PROFITABLE. In this module I discuss all the ways in which you can monetize your content + I walk you through how to do it. I share my families experience from the start of my blog to going full time in less than 3 years!

Module 7 | Planning Content and Staying Motivated

Once you have your blog set up and the know-how of creating good content, all that's left to do is CREATE. In this module, I discuss how I stay motivated every week to write and how to build a posting strategy that works for YOU.

Module 8 | Video

In my blog journey, I experienced exponential growth through creating videos and I believe you can too! In this module, I talk about the gear I use, shooting videos without an assistant, editing, and my posting strategy to get them seen by the most people!


Module 1 | Getting Started

In this module, we talk about planning content and staying motivated and consistent! In the bonus PDF, I share 100 video content thought starters to help you fill out your editorial calendar.

Module 2 | Recommended Gear

Module 2 walks you through all the gear you need to create professional online video for your Youtube channel and business. I go through a budget setup, and a list for content creators who are ready to invest a little more. The workbook has detailed lists for all budgets!

Module 3 | Shooting Video

In this section, we get a little more hands on. I show you how to adjust camera settings for video and walk you through setting up the lights, microphone and camera for the perfect shot! In the bonus video, I show you my system for organizing footage and media from your projects.

Module 4 | How to Edit Video

Editing video is straightforward and fairly simple, but it seems to be the most intimidating for new video creators. In this module, I sit down with you and show you exactly how I edit a video from start to finish. I created lessons for several different editing softwares, from iMovie to FCPX, Adobe Premiere and Wondershare Filmora, so you don't need a fancy Macbook to create excellent video! This module is full of tech tutorials, including how to add voiceovers and music to your projects.

Module 5 | Monetization

What is the point of creating online video if it isn't going to be PROFITABLE? In this module I discuss all the ways in which you can monetize your content + I walk you through how to do it. I started creating online video for my business five years ago, and have seen exponential growth in my income from doing so. In the bonus PDF, I share 20 different ideas for how you can start earning no matter what niche you're in. I also included a bonus PDF with my earnings that have come strictly from online video, to help you see the incredible potential!

Module 6 | How to Grow on Youtube

Youtube is a social media platform that I have seen very few bloggers utilize. Everyone wants to grow on Instagram, but not many see the incredible potential that comes from Youtube. In my opinion, it is the best kept secret in the blogging world! In this module I cover what kind of content does best on YouTube, how to do keyword research, how to grow subscribers and how to increase views and watch time. In the bonus lesson I share 5 lessons I learned in growing to 100k subscribers!

Module 7 | Youtube Best Practices

There are several keys to effective posting on Youtube. In this module, I discuss what to put in the description box, how to create playlists and customize your channel, adding great keywords and how to add cards and end screens. I also share tutorials on creating beautiful thumbnails and Youtube channel header art.

Bonus Module | Video for Social Media

Creating video content can be time consuming, especially at first. That is why it is important to get as much leverage as possible from each and every piece of content. In this module, I share all of my editing tricks for taking one video and utilizing it on all of the social media platforms. I share my method for posting to IGTV, Instagram and Facebook. I also have a tech tutorial on how to create long Pinterest pins with your video content! In the bonus lesson, I share how to repurpose your video content into an email series to grow your list. (If you aren't sure of the importance of this strategy yet, you will be after watching the video!)

With a vast audience of people at arm's reach with the internet, all it takes is knowing how to create and promote the right content to reach your goals. There never has been a greater time to grow a business on the side than right now.

Let me walk you through it step by step!

"Video can be intimidating, but the Video for Bloggers course has encouraged me to take the leap and to just go for it! And you know what? It’s EASY! This course makes video more approachable, with clear ideas to make shooting and editing quick, easy and effective! In fact, I can now shoot a video in 15 minutes or less - including set-up and take-down time! This course has taught me how to batch content and how to maximize opportunities with video. And so important- I've learned the best practices for each platform! I’m so excited to put her video funnel ideas to use! I highly recommend this course!"

- Julie from Julie Blanner

"Shut the front door—Lisa has done it again! As in her Create Your Blog Dream course before, Lisa delivers once again in this fantastic Youtube Success Academy course! She really covers in detail every aspect of the whole video process, from beginner video creators to seasoned bloggers who may have yet to jump into the video realm, as well as necessary tips and tricks for those of us already on YouTube. I've been a hobby videographer and editor for over 15 years, and have worked in public access television in the video editing department prior to that. Even with my years of experience, this course was able to show me multiple things I could improve on for my own YouTube channel, and I'm so grateful. I highly recommend this for every blogger in any stage of their journey. Thanks again, Lisa!"

- Amy from Our Amyable Farmhouse

Oh, and don't forget about these bonuses...

  • Weekly and Monthly Content Planner to help you stay streamlined + always creating more great content!
  • 50 Blog Post Thought Starters to help keep your creative juices flowing so you never run out of ideas!
  • An entire bonus lesson on how to get great photos and videos for your blog with just an iPhone!
  • My blog post checklist with every thing I do from the creation to the promotion of each post to get more eyes on my content!
  • 2 bonus videos about networking with other bloggers + all the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them!
  • 100 Video Topic Thought Starters
  • 2 more bonus videos on how to add FCPX Transitions, Templates and Effects and how to create a Youtube channel header!

"How I wish I had had this course when I started my blog two years ago!! When I began blogging, I was so excited. I had so many ideas and I couldn’t wait to inspire others and potentially even make money along the way. Unfortunately though, blogging quickly became overwhelming and frustrating. There were so many things that took me hours of research, and blogging left me feeling so discouraged. Lisa’s course has already saved me SO much time...she honestly explains everything you need to know to have a successful blog so perfectly in her course!! I love that she takes you step by step...I never finished a module feeling confused. In fact, if anything I felt inspired and motivated and excited to blog again!! This course will help me take my blog to the next level, and I can’t wait to apply everything Lisa taught me!!"

- Andrea from Pine and Prospect Home

Can you relate to any of this?

You have spent so much time researching all your different options for website platforms, hosting plans and blog themes, that your mind is overwhelmed. You’ve decided to put your blog dreams on the back burner for a little while.

You know it’s possible to grow an audience online and earn an income, but you have no idea where to start.

You have an idea for a blog, but you are stumped on how to come up with a name, logo, branding colors and a niche.

You’re afraid that it’s too late to start a blog, and you’re not sure how you can make your content stand out.

You have your website all set up, but now you have no idea what to even write about, or what type of content drives traffic.

When you post to Facebook and Instagram, you feel like your posts aren’t reaching anyone. You’re tired of trying to navigate the waters of social media without a clear plan.

You feel like successful blogs are reserved for professional photographers, marketing geniuses and tech savvy millennials. You fear you aren’t “with it” enough to get your blog up and running.

If you found yourself nodding your head to any of that, you are in the right place!

In the year 2022, the opportunity for creating an income and reaching a targeted audience online is greater than ever. I am simply amazed every single day at the power of the internet to reach people all over the globe. You just need to learn how to harness it.

Get started now!

When I started my blog six years ago, I wondered if blogging was already too crowded. I worried I would create posts that no one would even read, because so many people were already sharing similar ideas online.

How small my thinking was back then! The internet creates literally no bounds for how many people you can reach. Once you know how to create the right kind of content, and how to promote it, you are virtually unstoppable. I believe it’s only just the beginning!


What would your life look like if you could

Reach a virtually endless audience with your message?


Earn an income while staying home with your kids?


Share your talents and interests with a targeted group of people?


Bring your husband home from his day job?


Spend 10 hours (or less) per week, and make the same amount you used to working 40?


Make six figures sharing your passions with others?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What if I have questions along the way?
There is a students only Facebook group where you can ask questions + get feedback from other students in the course!

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Lisa Bass
Lisa Bass

Lisa Bass is the content creator behind the home and lifestyle blog, Farmhouse on Boone. After working diligently on her blog, and social media channels, for just under two and a half years she was able to create a full-time income for her family. She started her online work in late 2015, as a stay at home mom, and had every intention of bringing her husband home from his day job. After making this dream a reality, she created an online course to teach others to do the same, and believes wholeheartedly that it is possible for anyone willing to put in the work!

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